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Warning Lights Puzzler

Something odd happened this morning. As I have stated I am anything but proficient regarding automotive computers. My 2010 Kia Forte SX 2.4L I4 6 speed M/T 38,000 miles had been parked for about 24 hours. It started normally but the ABS, Traction/Stability off, and brake lights stayed illuminated. The brake light was normal as the parking brake was set. I released the parking brake and it stayed on. I checked the master cylinder and it was at the full mark. I tried the brakes a few times on my Cul de Sac. They worked perfectly and the power booster was operating. I drove about 2 1/2 miles to the grocery at 25 to 30 mph with no problems. When I started the car to return home all three lights operated normally. Any ideas/advice?

If the other warning lights also normally turn on when the parking brake is set then I would check the parking rake switch to see if that is working correctly. I assume the switch is open when the brake is released.


My only advice at this time is to retrieve stored fault codes. Then tell us what came up

A bad stop lamp switch will cause all of the warning lights you mentioned

Just because the brake lamps appear to work normally, doesn’t mean the switch is working correctly. Many of these seemingly simple brake lamp switches actually have 2 sets of switches inside, for example

enough speculating . . . tell us what stored codes you have

The only light that stays on when the parking brake is set is the red brake light to remind you to release the parking brake prior to driving the car. I just went out and ran a test. All lights are still operating normally. All warning lights illuminate when the ignition is switched on. Following a 3 second self test they turn off with the exception of check engine, oil pressure, and battery/alternator which turn off when the engine is started. The brake light stays on until I release the parking brake. All lights are still operating 100% normal. I was curious because the 3 lights stayed on until the car was shut down and restarted. Now everything indicates normal. I guessed a possible one time “hiccup” in the self test. I will see if my next door neighbor has a OBD2 scanner.

I think you’re on the right track sgt. I wish I could offer a specific suggestion, but I cannot. I can only offer moral support. And suggest that if it happens again you might check the wheel speed sensor plugs to see if one is loose, or if they need cleaning. Only a brake component problem in the ABS system would illuminate all these three malfunction lights, and other components would tend to stay failed… and/or present themselves also as brake system operational problems.

If your check engine light wasn’t on an OBDII scanner won’t be much use. ABS systems don’t use OBDII interface, you need a professional scan tool that allows you to select individual modules in the vehicle to examine.

My knowledge of OBD anything is pretty much non-existent. If it happens again I will get it to the dealer. Otherwise I will have them check it at my scheduled service in less than 2 months.

I think I’d write it off as a hiccup. I put a new battery in my G6 yesterday and used the plug in memory saver device. When I got done all was well except the TPMS read --. After I drove it and started it up again, the pressure readings came back. Have no idea why and I’m surprised I didn’t have to at least go through TPMS learn procedure. Like with computers, reboot and who knows why the problem goes away.