2005 Kia Sorento - Light stays on


Are you sure that’s it is the parking lights and not the brake lights? If it is the brake lights your
brake pedal switch might be bad. Does your cruise control work?

My crystal ball says…we need more info.
do you have daytime running lights? is that what you are talking about?
are you talking about they stay on when the vehicle is on, or off with the key out?


… or is he trying to tell us something regarding the parking brake?
It is difficult to know exactly what the problem might be because…The.OP.is.very.cryptic.
(Did I use enough periods between words?)




I expect OP typed his query using cell phone, and using the “.” as a substitute for a space b/c who the heck knows how to type a space on a cell phone? … lol …

If the parking lights in front are staying on for any length of time with the key out of the ignition, possibly a faulty body control module.