Abs& parking brake stays on


As I was driving my Dodge Dakota one day I hit a bump while turning. My ABS light & the parking brake light came on. When I later turned the car off and back on, the lights wasn’t on. But everytime I drove for a while the two lights would come back on, and it would come back on sooner until now it is always on. I changed the rear axle speed sensor thinking that was the problem, but alas nothing has changed. Can you help?


You need to start by having the codes read. You will have a better idea where to start once you know what the codes are.


If the parking brake doesn’t fully disengage, the ABS senses a problem and the light comes on.

If you’re one of the millions that do not use the parking brake, then it may be rusted up solid and something there could be setting off an interference with the brake system and thus the ABS light comes on.

Have the ABS wheel sensors inspected.


instead of replacing parts (which may or may not be the cause) i suggest you invest in one of these http://www.autozone.com/R,NONAPP23583/store,5153/shopping/accessoryProductDetail.htm

you can look around for these. i have seen them for as low as $60, and up to $400 it depends on if there is a sale, or how desperate you are for one.


Thanks for the input, but, I forgot to mention that I have stopped by auto zone and they can’t get any codes since the check engine light doesn’t come on. I also use the parking brake often and have since this has occurred, so I don’t think it is either of these suggestions.

I had replaced the speed sensor because that was the only suggestion I had at the time to go with. Any other suggestions?