Warning lights on 2018 Toyota Tundra 4WD Truck

Driving down the road the following lights came on the dash some of them flashing and loud beeping sound, also displayed the following errors on the center LCD. Lights: ABS, BRAKE, 4LO, 4HI, HAZARD TRIANGLE, BSM, TRACTION CONTOL, RCTA.

WARNING MESSAGES: Drive start control malfunction, Visit your dealer. Blind spot monitor malfunction, Visit your dealer. Trailer brake error, If toeing come to a safe stop with manual controls, Contact Dealer. Rear cross traffic alert malfunction, Visit your dealer.

When this happened I pulled over to a stop, placed the truck in park and turned it off. Waited 10 sec and turned it back on, same messages and lights were on.

RCLRPT-18V122-8417.PDF (nhtsa.gov)

Three “Visit your dealer” messages and one “contact dealer” message.
The messages seem clear to me.


A not quite 4 year old truck should still be under warranty.

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Basic vehicle warranty is 3 years/36,000 miles, if this truck was purchased before July 6, 2019, the warranty has expired.

All of those warning messages will appear when a powertrain fault is detected, need to read the PCM fault codes.

There’s probably fewer problems than the warning messages seem to be indicating. Good advice above, first step is to check for PCM fault codes.

What about this command don’t you understand? Tow it to the dealer.


It is about as UN-ambiguous as can be, IMHO.