Tundra 2011

I have a 2011 Tundra my ABS,CEL,4LOW are are all flashing I took it in to my mechanic they cleared it all out the next time I got in the use my truck it started again. But the truck seems to be running normal.

Are they blinking or on steady? blinking, flashing, means a serious problem and it should not be driven without risking expensive problems, such as a clogged cat converter.

Did your mechanic read the error codes? what are the numbers. They are in the form of P1234. Post them here and you may get help.

If all your mechanic did was clear the codes, you need a new mechanic.

Call your mechanic and find out what he did. If the lights are back on you can go to any auto parts store and have them read the codes as well. I would try and fix what is causing the warning lights to come on, instead of driving around with them on. The truck may run fine now but a serious issue may be lurking underneath.

Clearing the codes to see if it fixes the problem or not is probably worth a try. But the problem remains, so you’ll have to take it back to the shop. Usually when the CEL blinks, that indicates a major problem in the air/fuel ratio. But in some cars it might blink if there’s another kind of problem that requires immediate att’n, like with the brakes or alternator. One thing OP could do is to check the engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant levels. The coolant level should be checked at the radiator, not just the overflow bottle, when the engine is cold.

If the CEL is on steady, not blinking, then the problem could be something simple like a failing wheel speed sensor.