2013 Toyota Tundra - flickering light mystery

My 2013 Tundra Is currently having problems. It started about 3 months ago. Flickering of lights inside of truck. Next day all of a sudden I had no regular headlights. Only high beams, thank god I had driven home the next day during daylight hours. Took it to Autozone to check the battery and it turned out good. I was concerned because it was showing 50% on the meter of the truck. Their Meter showed it was still strong. I had to replace the regular headlights with higher grade quality. A month I lost both of my front headlights and high beams. I had nothing. Decided to experiment and connect the battery to a battery maintainer. This morning I had turned on the truck and the high beams worked but not the regular head lights. Drove to work and after parking when I turned on the autolock system it gave a weak sound to locking and alarming truck. I don’t know what the issue may be. I wonder if it may be a ground. The regular headlights may be burnt out again. I don’t know yet but will later find out. Also I have had issues when inside the vehicle and tried turning on the truck it would not key up to try to start. Once I exit the vehicle and used the remote start, it would start and would enter the vehicle once again and it decided to work correctly again. It must be something electrical but not sure what. Not sure if it may be a grounding issue or something else. Ive also had the interior lights flickering on and off also on occasion. Any ideas of what It may be?

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What you describe might be related to faulty Body Control Module…