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Warning light

On my 2007,Ford F150 XLT,super crew,4.6 litre engine,automatic transmission a warning light came on. “TRANS FAULT”. When I pulled into the dealership they said they would have to put it on the computer to find out what that means at a price of $150.00 for the test. Is there not a manual that says “if this warning comes on it means this”.

Yes, the manual will say “if this warning comes on it means that you have to put it on the computer” - actually it will tell you to take it to the dealer. There isn’t one problem that triggers such a light - there are many possible problems and the computer has codes stored in it that will assist in diagnosis.

If it is not under a drive train warranty don’t take it to a dealer. Go to a reputable, local, independent transmission shop. You’ll likely find that a basic once-over & code reading is $75. Write down exactly what codes come up and post them here is you want feedback.

Certain error codes can be read with standard OBD-II readers that can be had for about $60 or if you’re not in the state of CA many auto parts stores will hook these up and read codes for free. You can try that and see what comes up. Some of your codes, however, may require different/more sophisticated scanning equipment (thus the $75 or so).