Ford truck

got a ford truck with 207000 miles. check engine light comes on when I first start it and after driving it for a couple of miles, the check engine light goes out and the truck will not shift out of first gear.

When I come home from my dead end job, I can leave the stop light and run to 30mph, but then have to manually shift down to 2nd. Any Ideas??? It is a 4x4, auto.

I’m not sure the check engine light is related to the shifting problem. It almost sounds like you have a bad transmission modulator valve. Check the vacuum line going to it and do a vacuum check on it. It’s a simple, cheap repair if it is bad. I would also have someone pull the code(s) from the computer to see what’s setting off the CEL.

Thank you…I will be doing it this morning.

many thanks!!!

What year is this truck, and which engine does it have?

I have a 1995 Ford f-150 4x4 5.0. I should have not bought it but I had no wheels.

In that case, there is no vacuum modulator to check. They stopped using those in the late 80’s. (They went to a TVS cable setup, and then to electronic. Yours should be electronic.)

With the high mileage, I thought this was an older truck. Sounds like tardis knows what he/she is talking about. I bow to your knowledge…