2000 Taurus Warning Light

My son-in-law has a Taurus and no manual. A warning light that looks like a gear with a ! inside comes on and goes off. Anybody know what it is?

My best guess is that it is a warning relating to a problem with the transmission. But, why should you accept my guess? Go to a Ford dealership and ask the service manager to explain it. And, while you are at it, order an Owner’s Manual for the car, either from the dealership or through e-bay.

It’s amazing what you can get from the internet today. You can download the owner’s manual. Here is a link to it.


The warning light is explained on page 11 of the manual and is for the transaxle. It says to get service immediately if the light remains on.

Thanks Couger. That’s good info to bookmark like I just did. I might add that it’s for all Fords.

You’re welcome MGM.

What does the OD indicator look like? Don’t reply but check it out. I don’t have an answer.