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Want to replace the radio on my Edge 2008 for iCar support

Hi, I was wandering if it’s possible to replace the radio on my Ford Edge 2008 Limited Ed.
The radio works good now, but i will like to have a screen there instead, something with google maps and my iHeart radio.
Are there any replacements that will not affect the functionality of the reverse sensors, volume and controls on the steering wheels for my make/model and year edge?

Thank you

You’re right to think about all the potential downsides. Crutchfield is a well respected online source. There may be a good local shop who knows what they’re selling and doing. That’d be my first choice unless I was determined to DIY.

Check to see what’s available. They are more of a DIY place. If you don’t have the skills to do it yourself then find a Car Audio store near you. Even my small town has 2.