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1995 Suburban Radio replacement with something modern?

I’d like to replace the radio in my 1995 suburban with one that could incorporate a back up camera, Bluetooth, etc. I’ve heard that the OEM radio is part of the cruise control or other electronic engine controls and replacing it with something other than an OEM is not a good idea. Can anyone tell me if this is true? Can I get a “modern” radio and not harm the car?

Yes, you can get a modern radio. Check with to see if your truck needs any conversion modules to maintain special functions. I doubt you do on a '95 Suburban unless you have a back seat entertainment system.

You can install any aftermarket entertainment system your wallet can afford.

The radio is in no way integrated with the function of the vehicle.


Crutchfield would be my first and last stop.

All good comments but +1 for @texases because Crutchfield is my “go to” guys for any radio/CD issues.

I’ll third Crutchfield as well. IF your truck uses the radio for the warning chimes, Crutchfield can sell you a cheap interface for the new radio that will allow the chime though your radio as well as adapter harnesses that make installation a snap. I put an older, better quality Cadillac unit in my Avalanche using one of those gizmos. Both Delphi radios but the Caddy unit is worlds better.

Thank you all. Looks like Crutchfield is my next stop.

I’ve never seen a radio that could incorporate a backup camera…

TSM, you should see some of the new units. Calling them radios doesn’t do them justice. I’ve been looking at them recently, and they do more than radio. They have DVD functions, GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone and audio, back-up camera, and some I’ve seen even run Android. One unit I was looking at allows 2-zone controls, so the kids can watch DVD in the back seat while the adults listen to radio up front.

I just installed a CD radio with Bluetooth phone and audio for my '88 Toyota. Since my smart phone has navigation, Pandora internet radio, and other apps, the Bluetooth connection makes the commute a lot more pleasant.

Still never seen one with a backup camera. But, then, I don’t get out much…

There are add-on backup cameras that plug into the video input on units with screens.

But I wish there were some that emphasized simplicity, instead of the ‘Tokyo by night’ colored light show and 100 buttons/choices.

I’m suggesting crutchfields too. You’ll get all the trim pieces and wiring harnesses needed. I just got a package from them today. As @"the same mountainbike"‌ stated, not sure about the backup camera incorporated into the radio. That being said, if ones available, they will have it with all the hardware and phone tech to install it.

It all sounds like too much complication for me. I guess the techies have taken over the world.

I would highly suggest trying the radio somewhere.

Many used tiny buttons for tuning and even buttons for volume vs simple knob. With that many features and so little real estate the interface either has to be incredible to access functions or littered with too many buttons.

Happy findings.

Defintion of stubborn: I have not seen it so it does not exist

There’s this site called Crutchfield that I use. Maybe someone has mentioned it? :slight_smile: