Stellantis announces its EV plan

Writer for The Drive, Hazel Southwell’s comment on Abarth’s tag line for this announcement…

14. Abarth – “Heating Up People, But Not the Planet”

Look, there aren’t really any hard rules for branding and I understand that being the first to aim for a space can be really important.

But just as a general guideline: never, ever imply that you’re gonna shove a bunch of customers in the microwave like last night’s Sichuan prawn.

Cannibalism as a marketing tool… who’d have thought? :rofl:

Just when I kinda resolved to not buy a Fiat, they come along and seal the deal. So instead of not starting they will self-combust? Have to wait and see if they avoid using limited supply China sourced precious metals or what their new technology is.

The platform breakdown based on power seems reasonable. I’m sure other multi-segment manufacturers like GM, VW, and Ford have similar plans, it’s the first time I’ve seen it laid out that way.

peugeot, fiat, and chrysler : an auto manufacturing dream team


… or perhaps the ultimate automotive nightmare…