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Vw transmission

i have a 2002 vw jetta vr6 automatic with 97k miles. had trouble with transmission… it did not shift between 1st and 2nd when the car was cold. had a transmission service, transmission rebuild, valve cover replacement…still the same. changed the computer…works much better but a bit hesitant between 1st and 2nd when the car is cold. also between 2nd and 3rd, there is a small pause. the transmission place says the 2nd-3rd will improve once the parts are used a bit. the 1st and 2nd when cold he has no idea.

anyone has any suggestions

The transmission place says the 2nd-3rd will improve once the parts are used a bit

Sure it will…

What transmission place was this and how much did they charge you?

I take it this is not VW’s CV transmission.

i am not sure what is a CV transmission. it has a manual override when you flip the handle to the right. by flicking it up or down you can shift.

i took it to crown city transmission in pasadena. they came highly recommended and have a 1 year warranty. they charged 2800 for the overhaul.

These transmissions are very picky about the type of fluid that is used in them. Did the shop top off the new trans with the right fluid?
Generic fluids are a gamble. VW branded fluid from the dealer is your safest bet. However, there are other approved fluids available.

First find another shop !
Second get the transmission fluid changed to the proper VW spec fluid .

well this morning, it would not shift between 2 and 3 for about 2 miles. i will take it in for more work and will check on the fluid. hate to go to another shop and pay another fortune!

Don’t just have them “check” the fluid.
Have them assure you that they’ve used VW spec fluid and nothing else!

well, a month later and a completely new (used) transmission and after 3 days, the same thing is happening. it gets stuck on 2nd for the first 2 miles in the morning. this time, i was blocking traffic so i pushed it to N to coast for and then put it back in D and it went to the 3rd gear. the mechanics have no idea…any thoughts?

Was VW fluid used?

Get your money back from the first shop, they did not solve the problem and sounds like they made it worse. Then, follow the suggestions given by others.

i went in last night and checked the fluid. it was purchased from VW. i called the dealer and double checked and they said it was the right fluid.