Service/change oil light

I have a 10 year old Volvo V70 with 264K miles and still going strong. The “service” light (or, “we want you to change the oil at the dealer so we can have you to pay us to turn off the light”) comes on and stays of for 1-2 minutes each time I start the car. Since I use an independant mechanic they usually don’t turn off this light or have the knowledge or tool to do so. I read in the Columbus Distpatch on 4/26/08 on how to do it but recycled the paper too quickly. My search has turned up nothing on the all-so- knowing internet. Can you give me the steps to do it? Thanks, Nancy

Have you checked to see if that newspaper has a website? And if you can look up back-issues?

Mine does.


The main office on south third across the street from the Statehouse will have back copies. I believe all the the Columbus Metropolitan libraries have copies that old.

no manual? Toyota’s reset … turn key to on while depressing odometer button…variations use trip A…probably something similar…try volvo search…