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Vw passat p2293

i have a 2006 passat 2.0tfsi i have a code p2293 fuel preasure regulator performance 2. The usual cause for this is a worn cam follower or cam lobe that operates the hpfp. i have checked all of those and even replaced the hpfp and reg. still having the issue. the light will come on about two times with every tank of fuel and will gon on and off by itself. when the light is on i can shut the car off. reset the fuel cap(take off put back on) then start the car and few minutes later the light goes off. does anyone have any other ideas i am gonna replace the cam follower just to be safe since there is a service bulletin on this. and also going to replace the fuel cap just to see what happens. since right on the cap it says the c.e.l can come on if the fuel cap is not working properly.

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