1995 chevy cavalier Z24 2.3 liter dohc

Hey Guys, I have a 95 chevy cavalier Z24 2.3 liter with 90k. Ever since I bought this new the car whether cold or warm start after about 20 seconds the car just wants to die,it just starts to buck and kick badly until it like catches itself and eventually will start to run better so you can drive it. It does not matter if it is cold or warm outside or the car’s engine is cold or warm,it always does this.The chevy dealer was always confused about this because I never got a CEL during the bucking and kicking. Anyhow they replaced the computer,injectors,O2 sensor,engine coolant temp sensor,air intake sensor. I have even put in new plugs to no avail. I am pretty handy myself and have checked for vacuum leaks, but found none. Even with my dealer repair manuals the coils,tps and iac all check within spec and range.What’s left to check,the knock sensor or ignition control module. I am at a lost and so is the dealer.Fuel pump pressure and compression within spec,new fuel filter. Thanks,Greg.

Ask around for an independant shop. If this problem is so regular, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the cause.

I finally fixed this on March 11, 2010. It was the fuel pressure regulator. After I tolk the old one off I bench tested it with a vacuum gauge pump and applied alot of vacuum,anywhere between 25-30 psi and it would not budge. I had a classic stuck closed fuel pressure regulator,meaning I could not even get the spring & diaphram to move or open up. No wonder I had high fuel pressure making for a rich condition causing the rough idle…etc etc etc.

I have heard of the (stuck-open) causing a lean condition and the (fuel)in the vacuum tubing…but not really this STUCK-CLOSED !

I will chalk this up as another learning experience and being now 41 years old I have a better understanding of fuel delivery problems.

I just wanted to share this info just in case anyone else see’s these symptoms down the road.

ps. she runs like a champ now…Greg