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2003 Volkswagen Passat - Why won't code clear?

I have an 03 vw passat… My check engine light went on and I was feeling my car dragging a little bit…checked diagnostic and it gave a code for fuel filter… A few days later and now the light turned itself off… Why? Is it not an issue right now?

Also my car doesnt seem to feel as if it’s dragging like it was…so I’m wondering if something else can trigger the fuel filter code? Is it something that can remedy itself?

Exactly what was the code? And how many miles on the car? What engine? What transmission?

Codes that appear and then just go-away almost always will come back later because what caused them to be set has not been fixed.

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Its code p2096… Post catalyst fuel system too lean bank 1

Thanks for the information. A quick search shows:

Possible causes

  • Low fuel pressure
  • Misfire condition
  • Large vacuum leak
  • Air leak near sensor
  • Plugged catalytic converter
  • Lean air/fuel ratio
  • Faulty front O2 sensor

You still didn’t post the mileage or the engine or transmission the car has but… I’m going to guess the car has 100K miles on it.

I’d have the fuel pressure checked. I suspect it is low. If the filter has never been changed, I’d go ahead and change it and re-check the fuel pressure after. Filters are cheap for this car. If it comes back into range, that is the solution. If not, I’d suspect the fuel pump is worn out.

Is it normal for the light to turn off on its own?

Yes. If the ECU no longer sees the error, after 5 ignition cycles, it turns off the light

So if the light is off now…I assume it’s not a serious issue to take care of right now??

Maybe not today, but soon. A restricted fuel filter (inexpensive) puts extra strain on the fuel pump (expensive.)


Agree with @shanonia If not now, soon!

Thank u!!!