VW eurovan sputtering

My '93 Eurovan sputters a bit when it is idling or just cruising along. stepping on the gas peddle stops it and it drives just fine. If I floor the gas the check engine light comes on and if I release the peddle it goes out. What is the problem?

Why not start at the basics, like last tune up air filter, gas filter etc?

Tuned less then a week ago with all the required parts. air filter, gas filter, plugs, wires, etc… The only thing that I have not changed is the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pump. Could this the cause of the sputtering? They costs $85 and $365 and I’m not sure where the regulator is. The pump is in the tank. Not been able to find a scan tool to get the codes and am getting to the end of the repair budget. It still drives fine and gets about 16 pmg. By the way it is a Winnabego Rialta powered by the Eurovan. Its my BOXY BLACK BEAUTY.

Could this the cause of the sputtering? They costs $85 and $365

How about testing them rather than just replacing them? A simple fuel pressure check could tell you a lot.

What would a pressure test cost?

The problem is solved.

Turned out that the fuel pressure sensor was bad and caused fuel to be sucked into the vacuum lines. This filled the on board computer FULL of fuel.

replaced pressure sensor and sections of vacuum hose and allowed the computer to dry out in the hot Arizona sun. Problem solved! no more check engine light and the vehicle runs better then it ever has. I just have to go on a long road trip and check the fuel efficiency.