VW Passat fuse box replacement

I have a 2007 VW Passat V6 4motion station wagon (black, if it matters!). The car wouldn’t start (battery was fine) and after towing it to the dealership, we were told that the fuse box (located under the hood) had to be replaced, at a cost of ~ $800. We had the fuse box replaced and everything works fine (including fixing the cigarette lighter that had stopped getting power some months before the starting issue occurred). When asking the maintenance staff at the dealership why a fuse box would fail (this is the first time I have experienced this on any car), we were told that taking the car through automatic car washes can result in water getting into the fuse box. Is this a realistic statement or is it bogus? (note - I don’t drive through the car washes with my hood up). My husband takes my car to work frequently (and he is often at construction sites) so my car is usually in need of a good wash. I can predict a lot of marital discord if I will be requried to hand wash my car whenever he borrows it! I’d like to start taking the car to the carwash again, but don’t want to shell out another $800 for another fuse box/ancillary equipment (not to mention towing)! Thanks for any thoughts or information!

This wagon is sold worldwide and tropical rainstorms are no better or worse than car washes. The guys at the dealership have to say SOMETHING and this is what probably comes to mind.

If the box was defective the water (cracked, loose) may have affected it.

The original equipment fuse box lasted six years. Do you think you will still have this car 6 years from now? If not, I would keep on going as you have been doing.
It could be that VW has installed an improved fuse box in your vehicle that is more water resistant. One solution might be to cover the fuse box with a plastic food wrap or food baggie before you go through the carwash and remove it after the car wash if you are worried about a reoccurrence.

A former colleague of mine once did some work, but forgot to properly lock the underhood fuse box cover (the lid was closed, but the sliding locks weren’t engaged).

When the customer cleaned the engine bay, the fuse box was damaged.

When the car was brought back to the dealership, it was found that the fuse box was unlocked.

The shop foreman called a meeting and told us all to be especially careful from now on.

VW does have a problem with the fuse box under the hood failing from heat on some of there cars. there are aftermarket fuse boxes out there but not all the cars.