Porsche Boxster

.A terrible rain storm flooded my 1997 Boxster

The car would not start, the top and door locks would not operate, and the lights were flashing like a bad 70?s disco video. Being suspicious of water damage on this very wet day , we starting poking around and found a non-factory installed option for this Boxster; an indoor swimming pool.

Under the driver?s seat was about 2 inches of standing water. Normally this would be a small task for a good wet/dry vacuum. However on this model vehicle, a very important control unit was taking a bath in the depths of this new pool.

This little black box controls everything that is even remotely related to the alarm. This includes the top, the door locks, the windows, the lights, and of course the starting of the vehicle.

And your question is…?

What kind of silly company would name a car Boxster? I wouldn’t own a car with a name like that. I have a Yaris. Tradition!

And, a wiping down, moping up, and hair drier application, and a thorough drying have been done; or, …what?

Things to consider: 
  • Remove seat

  • Remove box and move it to a dry spot

  • Use hair drier (on low heat

  • Use fan

  • Keep it in a warm dry location with air circulation for a day a week or a month depending on your patience or need. It may well come out of it, once totally dry inside and out. Some electronic parts take a long time to dry out and trying to use it before they are dry and damage the parts.

    If you are not all that patience, you can take a wheel barrel of money to the dealer and get a new one, maybe.

Yeah . . . this sounds like a news report or something. What’s the question? Rocketman

have it checked for mold. Call insurance company and see if this is covered on your policy, they may actually total it out since it’s 12 years old now

Your insurer might cover it, but they will undoubtedly want to know why the roof and windows didn’t keep the rain out.

If you didn’t try to start the car, you may not have shorted anything that wasn’t damaged already.