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Flood damaged car

My 2004 VW Passat 4motion was in water up to the bottom of the doors three months ago. Unfortunately we tried to move it and got water in the engine. When it was placed on the tow truck water poured out of the trunk and exhaust pipe. It has been in the shop on four different occasions for new (rebuilt) engine, new a/c compressor, new power steering pump, multiple lights and relay switches replaced and now needs new altinator and battery. It has broken down and had to be towed twice. I have only driven it for 5 days total. Unfortunately my insurance company refuses to total it. What more do I have to look forward to and should I take it to another mechanic to have it totally checked out? or should I just take my loss and get rid of it?

The problem with flood damage is it is almost impossible to tell how much damage has been done and as fast as you get one thing fixed something else shows up.

[i] my insurance company refuses to total it.[/i]  Well I don't think it will take much more before they will be happy to total it.

I agree. If they refuse to total it, keep hitting them with claims. And, have a back-up plan for transportation when this car fails yet again.

The next time it runs, trade it for something else. This car will be trouble forever.