2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Fuses

It would seem that my fuses are getting wet when it rains or when I go through a car wash. What happens is my wipers stop working, my radio stops working, my heater/ac blower stops working and my aux plug stops working. If I shut the van off and turn it on but not start it everything works. But when I start it those listed above stop working. During dry times there are no issues. It does have about 168K miles.

I assume that the fuse panel really isn’t getting wet but the statement you made is just a guess on your part as to the cause of this problem. If that is the case then I would suspect the trouble is due to either a bad ignition switch connection or more likely, there is a bad connection somewhere near the power panel under the hood that is causing the trouble.

But why does it only happen when it is raining. When it is dry I have no issues at all. And when it is raining and I pull over under cover for awhile it will start working again. I will have the other things you mentioned checked out. Thanks.