VW Passat 2006 2.0 T


First , let me start by saying that I love your show!!!

Secondly, here is the problem that I currently experience with my car.

I have a 2006 VW Passat, 2.0 T. Lately, I have noticed a blue smoke coming from the exaust when I accelerate. I went to a VW dealership yesterday, and a helpful gentlemen, told me that this is normal for the age and miles of the car (currently, about 80 K miles). The smoke is caused by the Turbo burning oil…So how normal is that!!!

When it is going to become non-normal???When the car dies completely???

I hope you will be able to help!

Best regards, Lina

they burn oil, have them do a consumption check, if burns over 1 quart in 1000 miles then you have more than usual problem

The likely culprit is your turbo which has a leaky oil seal in it. However it could be leaky valve guides. Given the mileage is way out of any warranty find a trusty independent(hopefully VW knowledgeable).

This blue smoke is going to damage your emissions system (sensors & cat converter) only compounding the problem.

I would explore this further. Also keep a close eye on your oil level checking it every other fuel fillup and topping if needing.

Thank you so much for the recommendation ! Definitely helpful! It is sad that the patient must tell the doctor what the problem is!