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Smoke from exhaust pipe

I have a 2009 Surburban with less than 14,000 miles and when I start it in the mornings and sometimes in the evening after it has set for a while, smoke rolls out the exhasut pipe. The dealer does not know what is wrong. The smoke sometimes looks like it has a blue tint. Then it will quit. Any suggestions?

Sounds like leaking valve guide seals, but the mileage is awfully low for that.

Are you sure it’s smoke, and not steam?

What color smoke? White, Blue, Black?

It is blue smoke

Your engine is burning oil, and a fairly large amount for you to be able to see it. I would leave it with the dealer until it is fixed. They should be able to verify the problem by letting it sit until the next day and then starting it. Some engine tear down will be required to determine the exact problem. I don’t know if GM provides loaners for this, but count on it taking them several days.

As long as the oil consumption is less than 1qt/1000 miles, I doubt they will do anything. A little puff of smoke on start-up will not trigger a warranty repair. This symptom is usually caused by failed valve stem seals. In your case, someone on the engine line may have “forgot” to install them… A valve cover can be removed and the valve stems inspected with a dental mirror and a bright light to see if the seals are there…Don’t expect the dealer to do that…

As Caddyman noted if you are not burning too much it should be OK. The fact that you don’t see smoke when the engine is hot means the pollution control system is working, but it only works when it is hot. The problem is that when it does get to be a large amount, the cat converter will start to fail and you you may see a lot more smoke or you may loose power at highway speeds.