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Blue smoke problem


I have a 2005 VW Jetta GLI 1.8T that I bought few months ago. Few weeks ago I noticed blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when I start the engine (not all the time thought, maybe once every 3 times that I start the engine.

Took the car to the dealership for inspection. First they suggested a tear down to check the Valve Covers; everything was ok there. then they performed the leak down test and that came out ok. They did find some oil sludge, so they replaced the oil pan and cleaned the oil pump screen.

Then I was told that it could be either the breather assembly or the turbo. They suggested replacing the breather assembly and performing engine flush first. I asked them about turbo couple of times and for some reason every time they came up with some excuse to check the turbo after replacing all the breather assembly which by the way costs $1240.85 on top of $688.55 I paid for all the tear downs up to that point.

What do you think is causing the blue smoke Should I replace breather assembly and perform engine flush?



I think you are getting the run around from these guys who are milking you for moola. On an engine this new, only 5 years old, (how many miles?) are you loosing oil? How much oil do you have to add say every 1000 miles? If they did a bleed down, did they also do a full compression test, wet and dry? If it passed the bleed down, that indicates good valve seats, and good rings. The other way oil can get into the cylinder is by leaking past the valve guide seals and running down the valve stem, pooling on the top of the valve, and then burning. This is most likely when the car has been driven up to full temp. and then let sit. Or, if the turbo is also under oil pressure and one of the gaskets allows oil to leak into the intake that will do it too. Were there any codes?

I did oil change on June 5th and on June 30th when I got the car back from the shop I was told that they added oil after changing the oil pan, so I can’t tell how much oil I am loosing.
I think you are right about the valve guide, because I don’t see any smoke when I first start the engine in the morning, but, as you mentioned, when I drive the car to full temp and let it sit for a while and then start the engine I see smoke coming out of my exhaust (I don’t see any smoke in the morning going to work but at noon when I start the engine to go get lunch, or at the end of the day leaving work I see blue smoke). How much you think this will cost me to fix? and if that is the case should I still be worried about the turbo?

Thank you. You have been a great help.


They replaced the oil pan and cleaned the oil pump screen? They suggested a teardown?I’m truely sorry to say this, but I think they’re robbing you blind.

You don’t say how many miles are on the engine, but Ignor’s description of oil leaking past worn valve stem seals is not uncommon. It’s also not harmful.

How much oil is the engine using? That can be an indicator of the overall engine condition. Although Ignor’s suggestions are really definitive diagnostically, if it’s not using any signifiicant amount of oil I’d just keep monitoring the level and accept that it’s getting older.

If it is using a substantial amount of oil, post back and I’ll reconsider my answer.

As I usually do, I agree with mountainbike.
The symptom that was described is almost always worn valve guide seals, and cars can be driven for years with this problem–as long as you monitor the oil level frequently.

More than likely, almost all of what was done by the VW dealer was overkill that served only to line the dealer’s pockets–and that is sad. There is rarely a reason for spending this much money on the upkeep and repair of a 5 year old car.

You may not be aware that VW owners consistently give VW dealers in the US the lowest marks for customer service, competency, and honesty of all new car dealers. It looks like you have experienced the business model carried out by many of these dealers.

Try to find an independent VW specialist in your area, who will probably be more honest and surely will charge less than the dealership. There tend to be a goodly number of indy VW spcialists in many communities, simply because most VW dealerships treat their customers so badly.