VW Passat Turbo 2001

My mechanic has had my VW Turbo for 11 months since last April. He had to replace the turbo twice because the first one leaked oil and charged me 950.00 dollars. It will not stop smoking and I cannot even drive it 3 miles with out returning it.Today the whole car was filled with smoke. I have had it…Please help…every time he says it is ready i have to return it in 5 mintues? does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you, Southern Belle.

Smoking out the tailpipe, under the hood, or both?
Why did he replace it the second time?

Offhand, I’d say that any mechanic who has a car for 11 months and can’t fix it or wash his hands of it should have been ditched a long time ago.

Time to spend some money on a decent mechanic. Since you have a recurrent problem that is pretty much making your car unusable and your life miserable; I think it is time to visit a VW dealer. Your current mechanic has failed. He does not have enough VW, and specifically VW turbo, experience to sort out your problem.

Why did you choose this mechanic in the 1st place? Why stay with same guy for 11 months without getting the car fixed properly? Is this a family member? It was time to move on about 10 months ago.

Yes, you all are right. He replace the first trubo he put in because he put in a faulty turbo and oil leaked thru the whole car. The smoke is out of the tailpipe and looks like the car is on fire. And I think I will have my brother call for me. I need a backbone…Thank you very much for the comments

But what about my 950.00 dollars… Its alot of monies to lose…

I had a Turbo T-bird back a few years ago, and the oil seal in the turbo let go. I replaced the turbo, but the car still smoked so I repaced it again still smoked… Then I thought about it for a moment, the oil fron the first turbo must still be sitting in the exsaust… It has to burn away… So I let the car run for a while, then took it for a long drive… Yes it smoked for a LONG TIME, but it went away eventually… I belive this maybe your issue as well, oil in the exsaust from the bad turbo/turbos. The car needs to be run for a while to burn it off

There’s not enough info known about the car to even begin to make a determination about what is wrong with it. A trashed turbocharger can often mean a sign of a trashed engine but no info is provided about mileage, any history of oil burning or overheating, and symptoms leading up to the turbocharger replacement.
Based on the 11 months timeframe any diagnosis or repair is suspect.

I finally sold my 2003 VW Passat station wagon.
I’d had enough of expensive mechanical problems.
I’d posted several times to get suggestions from “car talkers” & had many a great lead.
Once when researching a problem I had at that moment, with that car, one community member had posted about his 2003 Passat - “It’s as if I bought a lemon”.
Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’d been saying far too long.
The Passat is history.
I have bought a Honda FIT & gone are the days of Vw’s.
Best wishes to you.
Get rid of it, unless you have buckets of $'s & a trustworthy mechanic.