VW Jetta Wagon - chronic leak when raining


My 2002 Jetta Wagon really leaks when it rains. The driver’s side floor is soaked within minutes of the rain starting. I don’t have a sunroof. I can actually see a stream of water flowing from beneath the plastic stip where the carpet meets the base of the door.

The rubber door seal had allegedly been replaced twice in the past. Seems like that can’t be what is really wrong but no one can seem to recreate the leak with a hose. Any one actually find a solution to this problem? A search on the web makes me think that it is quite common but I found no solution.


Water travels the way of least resistance and if the leak comes through the windshield weatherstripping it can run for a long ways before it comes down.

Fresh air vent drains (below the windshield glass) that are plugged can result in an overflow and that water can go inside the vehicle too.