VW ID. California

Do you guys think this is a bad idea?

So, my wife and kids live in England, I am in Virginia. We agreed that when they come back I need to buy a family car and not rely on my Mustang as a primary vehicle. I’m not getting rid of Christine, but I do need to buy a family car. In the past I’ve owned Land Rovers and Audi SUVs (and I hated them).

This looks like fun, like it would be very flexible and kind of goofy fun. My biggest concern is the availability of charging stations in my area and also whether it is just plain stupid - like a more practical decision would be an E-class wagon, but I mean, this just looks like more fun even if it is kind of goofy.

So, is this a bad idea?

Terrible idea. It won’t be available until at least 2025, and then there is no guarantee it will be available in Virginia or wherever you live in three years. I wouldn’t even think about it until there are firm plans to export it to the US. They won’t even sell the ID Buzz until at least next year.


In the old days those gasser vans were death traps. Why they want to bring them back might offer some insight into VW product planning.

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The difference between the death traps of the 60’s and this van is federal regulation requiring all sorts of safety and crash resistance. This van, if it were to be sold in the US, would have to comply. VW is selling electric vehicles in California now, including the ID.4 SUV.

With the ID4 that’s currently on sale VW gives buyers 3yrs of free charging with Electrify America which VW has a stake in. Reading different dates for the US release but 2024 is more likely. You could get The Ford Mach E which can go more than 300mi between charging on the extended range model. The charger’s recently put in on the other side of the mall are part of the EA network, Just took a look at ChargeHub and the majority of chargers here are level 2 with a handful of Level 3 chargers.

I’m pretty sure the new one has been updated to meet the more stringent safety regulations.

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Yeah, nothing in common at all, just the shape.

OP is good at spreading it from both ends. :upside_down_face:


I have relatives who’ve had a series of VW van’s, as far as I know they still have the Eurovan they’ve had since new and at least in the past would have bought another but VW didn’t see a market. Since this is VW’s electric platform with a van body it’s easier to make a case for it in the market. For my relatives it would be if it can haul larger items when desired. Such as an upright bass, which is the main reason the Eurovan’s still in the fleet.

I’m a VW fan so I like the styling and idea behind it.
It would be light years ahead of the old air cooled versions with more power, safety features, and creature comforts.
The surfboards would have to go though…