VW Golf Bluetooth Issue

Hi, I’ve landed a weird issue with my Bluetooth. As shown in the picture the screen is greyed out completely meaning I can’t access the skip features or pause via the screen or even the steering wheel. The only thing that works is the audio through the steering wheel but my cousin she has the same car but it’s 2011 and mines 2010 and for her the screen works fine in the sense of showing the music names artists etc. im not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I couldn’t find any answers elsewhere so if you don’t ask you don’t get. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

Are Bluetooth settings correctly set on your phone?

A little more background is required… Did it ever display correctly? Or is this car new to you? Did you just get a new phone? And what type of operating system - Apple or Android and what version? Or are you thinking it should work like your cousin’s car and phone just because it is close in year?

I’m pretty sure they are. We tested with her phone connecting to my car aswell and it does the same thing as mine so idk

So this car is quite new to me like a month I’d say, I just always thought maybe that’s just how it is until we discovered that it works differently in hers to mine. I have an iPhone but we tested this with an android aswell and it doesn’t really change a thing.

It wouldn’t allow me to upload to photos on the post but here is what hers looks like. I’ve checked all the settings in the setup and all is the same aswell.

My guess is that the 2011 supports both the A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles but the 2010 supports only the A2DP profile. If that’s the case, I’m afraid there’s likely no easy solution.

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I wish I knew what those meant but fair enough. Could it possibly be like an out of date version issue?

I found this article online. maybe you can try a hard reset and see if there is a update available…

Why Is Volkswagen Bluetooth Not Working? Easy Fix (drivingonroad.com)

Full disclosure, I know virtually nothing about using blue tooth audio in cars. I surmise the way it works is you are able to play music/podcasts stored on your cell phone’s memory with your car’s stereo without wired connections. Seems like that would be a convenient thing, download a podcast to your cell phone and listen to it later in your car. hmmm … so what to do?

  • One idea, transfer the cell phone’s audio files to a usb memory stick, and play the audio from them, presuming your car’s audio system has a usb input.

  • Another idea, since it sounds like the problem is software compatibility; and that your cell phone’s software is too new for the 2010 car, one idea is to secure an older cell phone that you use just for the car. No need for a cell-phone company subscription, you can download podcasts and music files via wifi-hotspots, and the blue-tooth doesn’t require a cell-subscription either probably. It’s often possible to secure old out of date cell phones gratis, from somebody who upgrades b/c they need to use a particular service using newer features, like Uber.

  • Finally, might be able to upgrade the software in either or both the phone and car, but I expect going down that path may result in a big headache.

Could be like my 08 BMW, Bluetooth works for phone calls only, have to use the Aux. Port for audio. Have you looked in your manual? Do you have a manual? If not get one, it’s a VW you’re going to need it.