2011 Kia Sportage - Bluetooth quit

My bluetooth on my Kia stopped working a few days ago, said pairing failed when I tried through my phone then tried pairing again didn’t work, won’t let me pair. car display says: Passcode: 0000 called Kia and they think it might be something wrong with the car bluetooth but I will have to bring it in and pay for troubleshooting. Lovely

What? You’re out of warranty of course you have to pay. You think they work for free? You could try someplace that does car audio.


Determine whether the problem is your phone, or the car’s electronics. One idea, try to connect your phone to another blue-tooth capable cell phone.

It was my phone, my husbands phone worked fine on it. Thank you for your suggestion George.


But, of course, the OP will have to pay for any repair to this long-out-of-warranty vehicle.

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Its an 11 year old car. You expect it to operate forever without anything failing?


No need to keep replying to this comment. It was my phone that didn’t work, not the vehicle so I don’t need any more smart remarks. Of course I was hoping it was a glitch rather than the car that might have been the issue and that is what I was hoping someone had the same issue with.

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You’re welcome

If you see this, that’s normally a number you’d enter on your phone. Did you do that?