VW Cabrio roof noise

HI, my 1991 cabrio convertible top is rattling and whistling when on the highway. Are there adustments that can be made to stop this? It’s like the roof is not down firmly enough, but it is.

All suggestions appeciated

The material has likely stretched over time and there isn’t much you can do about it.

The air movement over the outside is causing the material to flex.

I believe the Cabrio has a 5-layer “system” that stretches over the mechanical roof mechanism. In addition to the already mentioned stretch, it’s possible that the padding over the transverse supports (the metal bars) has become compressed (taken a “set”) and that padding may be replacable.

See if you can find a shop that works with convertible tops in your local area and ask them to look at it. It may be correctable for less than you fear.