Cadillac convertible & sunroof issues



We have 2 Cadillacs, SRX with sunroof and XLR convertible. From 90 kmh the whistling noise and vibrations are unbearable. We live in Germany and can drive as we want, though its not fun with the noise. Is there any hope to fix this, or must we live with it?


Are you experiencing the noise with the sunroof closed and the convertible top up?


Grus gott:

the sunroof has a flip up panel. when you are parked, have someone open the sunroof, and while you are watching ensure the flip up panel raises up. without that panel up you do get wind noise. i don’t know your car specifically, but sometimes the panel is a flap, some are a plastic lip, some are fabric, and some are metal. out of curiosity, if you have the back windows open, does the noise ease, or disappear?

you mention the convertible. same problem? top up, or down, or both?


Convertibles are not meant to be driven fast. You just have to put up with the noise, top up or down. The SRX should be driven at high speed with the sun roof closed, or expect the unbearable noise to continue. I assume that you are well over 125 KPH when you experience these issues.


they state it is over 90 kph that is only like 58 mph


Perhaps Cadillac convertibles and sunroof models aren’t made to be driven at highway speeds without unbearable whistling and vibrations, but other cars are. Luxury models from other makes are downright comfortable noisewise. I respectfully disagree that the OP should have to live with this. My tC doesn’t even whistle at highway speeds with the roof open.

I like the new Caddys. But I’d find this condition unacceptable.


You’re right, but I haven’t changed my mind. I believe that it’s just normal wind noise. I find that my car is noisy when my moonroof is open, even at 50 MPH. And the description is subjective. What any of us object to is our own perception and not what someone else might find objectionable.


Yes. We just got the xlr convertible in December, so it has just been winter driving. And the sunroof of the srx seems to have developed this problem during the past 6 months. This car we’ve had for a couple of years and didn’t notice it before that, although he often drives it at 200 kph, or 125 mph when there’s no traffic on the autobahn.


Just curious, how/why did you end up in germany with two cadillacs?


Thank you for your reply. I will check the flip up panel and let you know of what material it is made. Also, we will try to see if opening the rear windows has any effect. The SRX with sunroof is 2005, the XLR convertible is 2007. As we just got the XLR in December, we’ve only driven with the top closed in winter, and that’s when we’ve experienced the noise.


Well, my husband, who is German, loves America and American things, for example, Elvis, Jack Daniel’s, cowboy boots, cadillacs, and me, I’m from the Chicago area. Until a couple of years ago, we’ve had small, practical cars. But now we have the money to buy fun stuff. So when he started searching for his dream car, he found the SRX on-line and had to go to a dealer in Hamburg, we’re in Berlin, and order it from Detroit. It took about 8 months. Well, the SRX is big, so as a second car, he went for the sporty XLR, which is georgeous. He bought a year- old one from a dealer in Kassel. It was hard to find a black one. The others were silver. There are now more dealers that sell cadillacs here in Germany, but I must say, the advertising is almost non-existant. We see how many people admire the cars, give us the thumbs-up, even roll down the window or walk up to the car to ask us where we bought them or even what make they are. There could be many more driving around. There’s 2 or 3 other caddys in Berlin, one Escalade. But the Hummers are getting more popular here even, thanks to the show Germany’s Next Top Model with Heidi Klum. Hope that answered your question:)


Take another XLR out for a test drive with the roof up and see if the noise is the same. It might be that the roof latch mechanism isn’t properly adjusted. BTW, the dealer does not need to know why you want to test drive the car unless it is the same one you bought your black one from.