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Vw beetle window regulator

What is a reasonable amount to expect to pay for a rear window regulator repair for my 2006 vw beetle?

While the price will vary, depending on the region where you live, I would expect to pay somewhere in the $200-$250 range for this repair (parts + labor).

Incidentally, since this problem crops up in a very large percentage of VW’s of the 2000-2006 vintage, there is clearly a problem with this mechanism. I suggest that you telephone VW customer service (phone number is in your Owner’s Manual), in order to ask (politely) if there is any chance of some financial assistance with this repair. The worst that they can say is, “no”.

Also, the sheer volume of complaints about this issue makes it a good idea to register a complaint with NHTSA, via their website. If the gov’t orders a recall after you have paid for this repair, you can receive reimbursement–upon request–from VW for your expenses.

Thank you for the info. I was just quoted $590 total and felt like that was a bit extreme knowing that this is a common problem with vw beetles. I will take your advice and call vw. Just hope it doesn’t rain in the meantime!

“Just hope it doesn’t rain in the meantime!”

I sure hope that you don’t live along the East Coast!
We are predicted to have somewhere between 3.5-5.5 inches of rain, along with the very high winds of Hurricane Irene from Saturday to Sunday.

Sorry for you! I just have lots of heat! One more question… The repairman said that they wouldn’t replace the regulator. Rather, they would repair the old one with a kit that VW makes specially for this problem. Is this something I could purchase online and have a handy friend fix for me?