Beetle convertible rear window won't go up

Hello everyone. My wife bought a 2004 VW Beetle Convertible from a local Mazda dealer. Two weeks ago the passenger side rear window rolled and wouldn’t roll back up. She took it to the Mazda dealer because they sold her hard on their service.

Long story short, they charged her $104, left the window partially rolled down, told her they couldn’t fix it and there was a TSB on it.

So she took it to the VW dealer who looked at her sleepy eyed when she mentioned the TSB, charged $45 to diagnose and said it was the regulator. They want $545 for the part and $395 to replace.

Does this make sense? I’ve had Chevy’s do this and that was needed was to replace the switch. It rolls down, just not up. I saw lots of complaints online, hints of a TSB out there, and the part for sale for less than $200. Any suggestions?

TSB is not a recall,dont plan on any financial help from VW. Why did you pay the $104.00? Oh well. The TSB may help you complete the repair,does your car/symptons match the TSB? are you confident that the $200.00 is what/all you need? are your skills up to the task? if yes,you do the job,buy the $200.00 part. Or find a independant mechanic,he will mark-up the part,maybe wont accept a online part.

Unfortunately, the window regulators are a known problem on some VW models. In fact, some owners have reported having to replace them multiple times.

However, the prices that were quoted seem to be out of line. I suggest that you buy the part and have it installed by an independent mechanic if you are not up to doing the job yourself.