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VW Beetle smell

I’ve had a used 2003 VW Beetle for almost a year now - and the distinctive crayon smell just won’t go away. The car is really clean, and the previous owner did not smoke. Car only has 35,000 miles on it, so I don’t want to get rid of it yet!Yes, I’ve tried sprays, cleaning, odor removers, etc. The smell is in the inside only - especially when I open the passenger side window or the sunroof. It is not coming from the vents (heater and air conditioning don’t make the smell worse or better). The only difference between this VW and my previous one is the leather seats and the sunroof. Does anyone have any ideas?

Check the exaust for plastic grocery bags they like to stick to hot things,crayon smell close to melting plastic.

Thanks - I’ll try that. Do I just look at the inside of the exhaust pipe? And would the smell last for almost a year if a bag did get caught there?

It can last for a year. My PTCruzer got melted grocery bag on the tail pipe, only about 2 sq. inches. of plastic. It had a smell for atleast a year. But only on the outside. Never on the inside.

If you can’t find it and scrape it off, go to your local farm seed and feed store or bigger pet store and look for “Rat Sorb”. It looks like a small bottle of honey. Follow the directions and it WILL reduce the odor in the car.

Thanks for the additional suggestion. I didn’t find any melted plastic bags, but I will try the Rat Sorb, and see if that works.