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2003 VW Beetle

I have this awful chemical smell in my car and can’t get rid of it. Has been suggested it is from rustproofing? Any ideas or any help getting rid of it?

I doubt if it is from the OEM rust proofing.  It might be from some after market work, which is too bad, most after market rust proofing causes more problems than they fix.  Hopefully that is not the case.

OEM rust proofing should not be causing any odor now six years later.  

Can you describe the smell?  is it a sweet smell?  If so when the car is cold open up the coolant over flow tank, where you can see the level of the coolant and see if that is not it.  

  If it is musty it may be coming from a collection of leaves and stuff in the area under the vents in front of the windscreen.

Thank you for replying.

It is a strong chemical smell, almost like when you get a new car or carpet. It doesn’t get any weaker as the days go on. It is definitely not musty or sweet, but is very strong. You smell it as soon as you get in the car and you cannot put it to any specific area. I thought it came through the vents but there is no smell in the engine. We have only had the car two weeks and very upset about it. The car is immaculate and only has 35,000 miles on it and had one owner. I did google beetle interior smell and quite a few people mentioned they had the same problem. I also noticed that some ads for beetles for sale that were 6 years old said it still has the new smell, which I thought was odd.

Hope you can help in any way.