My 2002 Jetta smells like crayons!

Does anyone know what the problem is, what to do about it, if VW is doing anything if you complain enough. Help appreciated!

Have you owned it since it was new?
Are you losing any coolant? Have you checked?
Are you burning any oil? How much?

VW won’t do anything about a 9 year old car smelling, at least not for free. Where’s the smell coming from? Did kids put crayons into the heater vents?

VW said that it is some kind of sound proof in the door that has that smell and they basically said there is nothing I can do about it. They said that all Jettas from that time period have that smell and that it is not a problem lol.

The smell is indeed coming from a sound deadener that is sprayed between the body panels on these vehicles. This problem has come up a few times on this forum and it’s basically something you can do nothing about other to mask it with another scent like cinnamon.