VW Beetle -- funny in the cold and damp

So, I have trouble with my 2001 Volkswagen Beetle (manual transmission, 2.0 liter) in the cold and damp in the past, including outright refusal to ignite (turning over endlessly), chugging as though I’ve popped the clutch and an occasional high-pitched squeal when starting on cold or damp mornings. all of this happened once ona return from a trip during which the car sat in the rain for a few days without being driven. I forced it to start and drive to my mechanic, and spent a couple thousand having him repair many big problem including a tune up and belt replacements.

So, after our blizzard, and my car having sat in my drive way for a few days in the cold and damp–sure enough, it won;t start and now the Battery light is on. So, thoughts on the sluggish starting in the rain? What could have killed my battery while the car sat in the driveway for two or three days–I know I left no lights on?

The first thing to do is to check the tension on the serpentine belt that drives the alternator. If it is not tight enough, that would produce a high-pitched squeal and would also cause to alternator to be unable to charge the battery. Since you already paid your mechanic a couple of thousand dollars (??!!) for a tune-up and belts, he should certainly be willing to adjust the belt without charge.

After this situation is resolved, I would suggest that you look for a new mechanic, as his prices could only be described as outrageously high. What size is his yacht that you are helping him to pay for?

well, the couple grand was for more than just the tune-up, but I will be finding a new guy. . .my last guy just seems to eager to pay his rent off of me and me alone.

I tried jumping it and it had no effect on start-up, so I think the battery isn’t really the primary issue.