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Volkswagen Beetle

My girlfriend has a 2005 Beetle. It has 140K+ miles on it, and lately it’s been having some unusual problems at start-up. One day, the car would not start. The mechanic told us that it was a problem with the key and needed to be taken to the dealership. The dealership said it was a problem with the battery and they replaced it. This seemed odd, because there was power (lights worked, there was indeed contact with starter). The car seemed to work alright for awhile, but now the battery light comes on at start-up or it requires at least 2-3 attempts to start. This seems to happen most when it rains or is very humid. I can’t say if that is just coincidence or not, but it seems to be a common factor. Any suggestions?

Battery light comming on at start up is normal but it should immeditally go out once the engine starts is this the case? Or is the battery light staying on after the engine has started?

The battery light flashes three times and sometimes it will stay on for a minute after the successful start… It takes about 2 attempts to get the car started. Someone had suggested to me that because it happens mostly when it rains, that it is the alternator.

I think you may well be right or at least close. Check the belt that runs the alternator. Could it be slipping? I would also suggest Try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure. If those are original plug wires, I would replace them as well.

When you try to start it and it does not start, does it turn over at a normal speed or does it sound like it is struggling to turn the engine over?