VW Beetle Brake Booster

My electrical system shut down in my new beetle, and I had to have it towed to the shop. They said it was due to the brake light switch, so I had it replaced. Afterwards though, the brake pedal has been acting funny. It’s hard to push down at first, and brakes immediately, but if I gently push the brake to slow down, the pedal often stays down. I have to push it back up with my foot so that the braking won’t continue.

I’ve brought it back to the shop and they say I need to have my brake booster replaces. It’s very expensive, so I wanted to check first if anyone else had this problem. Or if it’s perhaps something else.

At Advance Auto Parts, the brake booster is $131. The brake master cylinder is $249. You may need another shop.

The had a bad batch of those brake light switches and there was a recall on them. However it did not bring down the entire system, it would stop the cruse control and brake lights. I believe it could also cause some other problems with an automatic transmission. I don’t see how the brake light switch could bring down the whole system.