2006 Chevrolet HHR - brake booster

I bought a booster and had it installed. When the mechanic started to bring my car home he said the booster malfunctioned and froze the brakes, crystalizing the brakes and ruining the whole system. Now its costing me $1300.00 to get it fixed when the original charge was $262.oo for a total of $1562. Can this happen?

It sure can. I doubt the “crystallization” description but you could burn up the brake pads and overheat the brake rotors and THAT would be expensive but any good mechanic would recognize that on the drive back before damage occured.

Did you buy a booster on Ebay or Amazon or wherever to save a bit of money and take it to your mechanic and ask him to install it? And now that cheap Chinese POS booster has ruined all your brakes? Maybe, just maybe, your mechanic is teaching you a lesson? Maybe!

I bought the master cylinder at NAPA and the power booster came from AutoZone. The power booster cost more at AutoZone than NAPA. Also any mechanic that takes advantage of a 80 year old man is a POS himself and I back up what I say…,