Mushy Brake Pedal


I’ve posted before, but I’m still searching for an answer and haven’t gotten one yet. I’m worried about getting ripped off at the mechanic:

My brake light switch was changed on my 2001 VW Beetle. Now I have a mushy brake pedal. It’s tough at first and brakes instantly when I tap on it. If I push gently to only slow down, the pedal often stays and won’t come back up, continuing to slowly brake the car unless I push the pedal back up with my foot.

If I push the pedal all the way to come to a complete stop, all is fine.

I brought the car back to the shop and they couldn’t make the “mushy pedal” happen; the mechanic says I need a new brake booster, but it just makes me suspicious since it didn’t start happening until after the brake light switch was replaced. They say no, but could they have put it on wrong? Would that mess with the brake pedal like that? Or could it be the check valve on the booster? Or do I really just need to replace it?

Thanks for any comments or assistance.


I don’t see how replacing a brake ilght switch could mess up a booster. But it could mess up the mechanical connections that the actual pedal is mounted to, including the return spring.

Try another shop. This one will drain you.


I think the new switch was installed a little out of line and it’s jamming the function of the brake pedal. Make them fix it.


The switch should not be the problem, but if they had to remove the return spring, they may have reinstalled it backwards.