Vue 3.0 timing belt

03 vue, 3.0 V6 Opel motor, really, used in Saab too. Has a timing belt with 3 pulleys. U can buy a kit of 3 pulleys for $65 online. 2 of the pulleys mount to a cast alum bracket. U can buy a new bracket with 2 of the pulleys as a subassy for $130 and than buy the last pulley for $40 approx. so it’s about $170 that route. None can say for sure why you need a new bracket. Rather vague info online. Most seem to say the bracket just holds the pulleys. So why replace it? Of course all these parts are very hard to find at GM dealer. It’s a dead marque. They have to special order bracket AND pulleys. Anyone got any info on these parts?

Are the parts online for 65 dollars oem? I would stick with oem, if the belt breaks or slips the engine might be junk, why chance it?

There is a gates, Goodyear, and acdelco kits which have tensioner/ belt/pulleys for most part. And a dayco and dnj brand kit which has belt/pulleys. So there are 5 kits each of which has belt but none actually lists belt maker.


I would stick with AC Delco or Gates

Order the parts online and come out ahead

My granddaughter had one of these engines in a Saturn LW300 and when I looked into it, it required some very specialized tools to get the belt alignment and tension right. We farmed the job out to an old German mechanic who had done them before.

I rented the toolkit online for a modest fee. Than I saw another almost identical kit on amazon for sale for same price. It’s mostly a timing bracket and cam sprocket locks and so on. Not like something that will wear out after doing 30-40 jobs. Like I will ever do 2? Too late now. I got the rental.