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Timing belt tensioner/adjuster

my car has 3 rollers. 1 tensioning roller and 2 adjustable rollers. You tweak them to fine tune each bank. But my car has 1 pulley with a std hub and no hex and 1 adjusting roller with hex. I have seen pics of the cts 3.2 motor like this. But my vue 3.0 should have 2 hex’s. Did someone before me put the wrong pulley on? Should I just live with it? The tensioning pulley is spring loaded. .

I’m looking at the tensioning pulley.

It appears this is where you take up the slack in the timing belt.

And it appears it even has an indicator on it.


Yes, true. The tensioner is set to approx 1/8" using marks. But the other 2 hex pulleys are used to adjust the timing on each bank. So, it is 1 tensioner and 2 adjusters. It’s an Opel motor. That’s how they do things. Crank is at tdc, cam sprockets are lined up. So WHY do you need to than further adjust cam timing? Been round and round at other boards asking why +/- 1 deg of timing is so critical. Answer is? Because it is. The fixed pulley is used on older kits. It is discontinued. But they are out there for sale. New kits have adjustable lower wheel

Illustration show cast alum “finger” under middle adjusting roller. They changed cast alum piece to new version with no finger. Orig design had fixed lower tensioner. New design has adjustable roller. My vue has mismatched parts? Tech used new bracket which has 2 wheels and reused old fixed lower roller

i do have the newest cast alum bracket. I am supposed to have a lower hex bolt offset wheel to allow fine tuning each bank. Gates has a good service update page. I can source a new pulley if it will make me happy

All I can say is that I would not use a Gates guide for this. For this one I’d want a shop manual and nothing less.

If the camshaft sprockets are within 2 mm of the index marks no adjustment is needed.

Precise cam timing was necessary to reduce tail pipe emission output and meet new car standards when built. Minor inaccuracies like that will have little effect on state testing, they aren’t nearly as stringent as federal test procedures.

well, i do have 2 new rollers and 1 old roller. might as well put a roller with new bearings on.
The gates bulletin says to use their instructions as the manufacturers may
Not be correct.