2011 Volvo C30 Timing Belt Tensioner

Can i actually do the replacement of my timing belt? Any procedure or any PDF file?

Right now? No.

There are no parts available on the Gates website for this vehicle.

But why would you want to replace the timing belt, or its tensioner, if there is one, on a brand new vehicle?

Please explain.

i actually bought this second hand on from my uncle. He said that the problem was the belt. I am not actually a mechanic so i assume that i can actually replace that one.

Are you having problems or is this for your general knowledge and future planning? Is it somehow not under warranty?

This is both for my additional knowledge as well. When i conducted a test drive with it, it actually has some engine vibrations, causing my car to shake(i think that was cause by engine vibration). Is this a big problem?

I would definity get an opinion from a mechanic before doing this. Thats me though.

I replace mine @ 60,000 each.

2011 Volvo C30 Timing Belt Tensioner? Have you replace that all by yourself? Any instructions? that was actually a bit costly. Anyway thanks for giving me idea how much will i spend for that one.

You’ve reached 60k miles on a brand new vehicle?

I’m sure you could do it yourself, but expect to have to pull the engine out to work on it. Don’t ask me how to do that, I’m not sure how they shoehorn these engines in cars these days

Out of warranty in 5 months? Congrats. I could never pull that off.

Chances are the dealer is the only one to confirm the correct parts and procedure for this car. The aftermarket hasn’t had a chance to evaluate and write up a manual yet, and confirm parts that will fit this model. The dealer will be happy to sell you shop manuals for this car, tho. But they will not come cheap.

Volvo timing belts and parts can be more expensive and possibly only available from Volvo dealer. If the motor “vibrates” that is likely something other than timing belt or tensioner.

I wouldn’t buy the car. Any Volvo that has gone “off warranty” is going to need expensive repairs. If you buy it; have the current owner replace the timing belt at his expense, or get a quote from a Volvo dealer (or Volvo specialty independent shop) and deduct same from the selling price.