Vtf-4 light 2003 Honda Pilot

What cause the rpms to rev up while in park and nothing pushing on the gas pedal

I don’t know what a “vtf-4” light is, but if your engine is revving on its own without you pressing on the gas pedal, then I would suggest that you check the IAC. It is also possible that you have a disconnected vacuum hose.

VTF-4 is Honda’s name for the AWD system found on the Pilot/Ridgeline and MDX. If the light is on that means something has gone wrong with the AWD system or possibly the transmission.

Now that FoDaddy has clarified the VTF-4 terminology for me, I believe that you may have two separate problems.

The VTF-4 light is apparently notifying you of a fault in the electronic controls for your transmission/drive system. (This can be verified by reading the section on either the transmission or the instument panel in your Owner’s Manual. Whenever there is a warning light lit up and you do not understand exactly what it means, it behooves you to pull over as soon as you can find a safe place, and read the appropriate section of the manual, lest you do more damage to the vehicle.)

Failure to promptly fix an electronic fault will result in very expensive mechanical damage to the transmission/drive system, so I would suggest that you not delay having this situation checked out by your mechanic.

While the car is in for a check of the transmission/drive system problems, have the car checked also for the variable idle speed problem.