2004 Honda Pilot VTM light

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot. CEL and VTM-4 light came on at same time. Car idles rough at cold start and not much better when at operating temp. Turned car off and back on, VTM light goes away but CEL light stays on. Then VTM light comes back on. Also, when VTM light is on, only front tires spin. Driving on ice and snow.

The VTM light is illuminated as a result of the CEL being illuminated. Traction control systems and anti-skid systems (like VTM) tend to be deactivated by any fault in the engine, so the first step is to deal with whatever caused the CEL to light up.

When the CEL is lit up, that tells you that something is amiss in the emissions controls, or the ignition, or in some other components. A trouble code will be stored when the light is lit up.

The most likely cause of the CEL is poor maintenance. When were the spark plugs last changed? How about other maintenance items listed in the Honda maintenance schedule?

If you go to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, or some other parts retailers, they will do a free scan of your car’s OBD2 system in order to determine what trouble codes have been stored. That will be your first clue regarding what needs to be maintained/repaired.

After you have done the necessary maintenance/repairs, the VTM light will go off, but it may take a few driving cycles for both the CEL and the VTM light to turn themselves off.

Have you been changing the VTM-4 fluid in the rear differential every 15,000 miles?

Codes indicate missfire on all cylinders. Could possible cause be bad EGR valve or idle air control valve? Just can’t believe all the injectors / ignition coils would err at same time.

Having Honda dealership do it. Hope their not skimping on me. Maintenance is religon to me. Car has been well kept.