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2011 Honda Odyssey 40 miles per hour 3500RPM max

Vehicle has 53000 miles. Check engine light all of sudden came on and the car reduced to 40ish miles per hour and would not exceed it. when parked the vehicle will only go to 3500RPM and then the needle will drop back down. No visible signs of fluids anywhere or any smoke. No sure where to start to see what the issue is.

edit: I’m retracting my first guess that it might be a transmission problem.

If the engine won’t rev beyond around 3500 rpm, it sounds more like a possible “VTEC System malfunction” , which will limit engine revs and keep the transmission in second gear.

As others have said, get the code(s) read. There is a code for “VTEC system malfunction,” and if that’s what comes up, it’s not a transmission problem.

Sounds like “limp home mode” (or whatever Honda calls it). Start with getting the error codes read.

You need to get the error codes read from the computer. Many auto parts stores will do this for free, but with your symptoms, I don’t think I would try to drive it there unless you have one really close. Some part stores have “loaner tool” programs and might have code readers in the stock. Basic readers are not very expensive anymore either if you just want to buy one.

When you get the code)(s) post them in their exact format such as “P0123”

If you are just sitting there in Park and revving the engine up it will not go past about 3500 RPM. That is normal operation and probably not related to your problem. The engine control computer will not allow “free-rev” above about 3500, it does this to prevent engine damage.

We will need more information to be able to help you. For me the first step would be to drive the car to verify the complaint and get a feel for the trouble, then a code scan/engine data and troubleshooting depending on what I find there. Time to get some fault codes read.

The first place to start is Honda dealership. Your Ody has a 5yr/60,000 on powertrain which this may or may not be. It may be sensor.

I just found that we have Honda Care up to 100000 miles. I am calling them this morning to have them come get it and fix it. Thank you all for the help. I will ask them what the code was and what the issue was and post it for future reference.

Warranties are nice

Try unplugging the MAF and see if it starts acting normally.