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Vtec switches in Honda Accords

I have been getting engine lights every 30,000 miles and having to replace the Vtec switch. This is the second time. The dealership said it shouldn’t be happening this often (no kidding!) and replaced the Vtec oil valve assembly to the tune of more than $300. But they didn’t know if this would fix the problem. Anyone else having this kind of problem? The odd twist… both times this happened, the car was being driven in rainy conditions. The first time (when the car was under warranty and they only replaced the Vtec switch, of course), they told me the switch had probably gotten wet. This time (when I had to pay for the value replacement), they told me the weather had nothing to do with it. This is my 4th Honda and I have put more money into repairs on this 2007 than on the ones I owned for 9 and 10 years, respectively. Sorry for the rant – wante to know if anyone has Vtec info. Thanks!

How often do you change the oil in your car, and what weight of oil do you use?
Most variable valve systems are very sensitive to sludge build up, and oil weight used, so if you are ignoring service, or using the wrong viscosity oil, you aren’t helping things any.

What other changes have you made to your car from the factory set up that would subject the sensor to get hit with large amounts of water?


I go to the dealer for all oil changes and maintenance and am religious about giving them my money every time the computer tells me to. They said there was build up on the screen in the valve, but that my oil was clean. I just had an oil change and expensive service a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t made any changes to my car and every single service has been done at the dealership.