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Oil Change Frequency

I normally change oil in my 2002 Honda Accord V-6 every six months even though it doesn’t travel 3000 miles in that time. I last changed the oil in April but the car has been in storage for four months. Should I still change the oil or wait for 3000 miles.


If it were my car, I’d change the oil. The science of oil and oil changes aside, it’s a cheap insurance policy for your expensive engine.

Second vote for waiting. I would not exceed one year from the oil change date, tnough. Obviously you are out of warranty, so a possible warranty claim later is not at issue.

There is no reason to change clean oil…

Spring and fall is my minimum standard, All we have is recommended standards, but too often is better than not often enough. It is not a matter of great financial hardship to change your oil to often, and certainly cheaper and more probable of long term gain than car insurance.

Open the glove box, remove the Owner's Manual, Read the manual.  Today you can start with the section on maintenance.  Do what it says.  No need to do more, but don't do less.  You might want to read the whole thing from cover to cover.  

 Look for those magic words  [b] whichever comes first[/b].

I think 7 months in an engine may lead to some breakdown, I’d change it.

As you can see, there’s a variance of opinions. There is probably no “correct” answer to this question. You could wait and probably be fine.

Even though waiting probably wouldn’t harm anything, I’d suggest changing it now. Oil is cheap. Engines are expensive.

Changing the oil now is less about preventing immediate harm and more about keeping up meticulous maintenance. Do it now; it’ll keep up your attitude of taking good care of the car. That’s more important than any single oil change.